Why You Should Keep Your Contacts Offline Like a Fussy Old Man

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In this week's episode of Stupid Sexy Privacy, our host, Rosie Tran explains the benefits of switching to Proton Mail, how to send an encrypted email to anyone with an email address, and why you should keep your contacts offline like a fussy old man.
You need Proton Mail. Get on that immediately.

Unless you use Gmail and you followed our previous advice about pairing your Gmail account with a Yubikey. In which case, you can do nothing.

Unless ...

This week, Rosie is going to show you how to send an encrypted email, using Proton Mail's free plan, to anyone who doesn't have an encrypted email account.

This is especially useful if you ever need to send financial or health information to someone, and you can't get them to ride the Signal Bus.

We're also going to explain in this episode why you should keep your most important email contacts stored offline, the way BJ's Boomer Dad does.

For once, when it comes to technology, BJ's Dad is doing the right thing, and you should too. 

And later, Roger returns to talk about some recent data breaches, including North Korea's hacking of SONY, which is way crazier than you think it is.

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And before we go ...

We're overwhelmed with requests for Privacy Audits thanks to the interview in Slate. 

So! We'd like to let you know BJ is recording a two-hour course that you can purchase. The course will include every step from the privacy audit and include examples of how to put those steps into practice.

If you'd like to know when the course is available for purchase, email BJ at BJMendelson@Duck.com

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Rosie Tran
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B.J. Mendelson
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Why You Should Keep Your Contacts Offline Like a Fussy Old Man
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