How To Get a Stranger Danger Phone of Your Very Own

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This week, BJ is joined by blackmail and privacy expert Frank M. Ahearn to talk about the litany of scams online, and Rosie tells you how to get, and set up, a stranger danger phone that will help keep you safe when using dating apps and websites.
This week we introduce the Stranger Danger Phone! This is a backup, pre-paid Smartphone we recommend you use when dating online. The Stranger Danger Phone is also great for content creators who maintain some kind of public-facing presence online and need to be accessible to their audience.

These are easy to set up, and not expensive. Never give out your real phone number again! Rosie will explain why, and give you the steps you need to take to get one set up.

Also featured in today's episode, BJ speaks with the author of "How to Disappear," Frank M Ahearn. Today, Frank helps the thousands of people who fall victim to blackmail, extortion, sextortion, and romance scams online. We talk about what steps you can take to better protect yourself, and why you should consider riding the bus the next time you want to make a break for it.

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Show

Google Voice <--Use this with your Stranger Danger Phone to create a Decoy Phone number.
Burner (a paid alternative to Google Voice)
Faraday Bag from Silent Pocket
Emergency Power Bank to keep your phone fully charged when out with a stranger.
Mint Mobile <-- Have a trusted friend or family member buy your Stranger Danger Phone, in cash, along with a Mint Mobile sim card or three.


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And before we go ...

Thanks to the interview in Slate, we're overwhelmed with requests for Privacy Audits. 

So! We'd like to let you know BJ is recording a two-hour video course that you can purchase. The course will include every step from the privacy audit and examples of how to put those steps into practice.

If you'd like to know when the course is available for purchase, email BJ at

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Rosie Tran
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B.J. Mendelson
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How To Get a Stranger Danger Phone of Your Very Own
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